Unique Accessories With A Twist

When it comes to purchasing accessories, it’s usually not a life altering decision. You find something that you like and you decide to give it a try. Well at That Boho Life our goal has always been to make or procure unique bohemian inspired pieces that will make a statement. We go to great lengths to find rare items, and when creating new designs, it’s a process of looking at what’s on trend and adding our own unique twist.

Starting with one of our signature pieces the hand painted abstract earrings or our new top seller the yarn tassel earring.. Most items are hand crafted and created from a point of view that we don’t have to all look the same. We can be bold, unique and on trend.

So, if you’re looking for quality products you’ve found the right boutique. As a bonus, we also accept commissions to make one-of-a-kind pieces. Feel free to contact us with your custom order request.